October 16, 2021

Top 2 Best CZSM Airsoft Gun Lasers

Editor's Choice - Our Favorite CZSM Airsoft Gun Laser

1. CZSM CZSM Airsoft Gun Laser

Editor's Impressions

"I zeroed it to my scope."

Squeeze trigger without letting beam drift out of circle. So on some of the shots there was not good contact and the laser light would cut of. If you do happen to get one that doesn't work, contact the company. It got here in a day and works very well it. Also happy that it came with 3 extra batteries. The new optic works as it should, thanks! Very happy that I chose this laser sight.

Overall Score

(10 Points)

Special Features

Peoples Choice - Other Highly Rated CZSM Airsoft Gun Lasers

2. CZSM CZSM Airsoft Gun Laser

Editor's Impressions

"Not that it needs it."

Some other reviews have complained about mount screws stripping easy. Now, everything is scaled down, AND THEY WORK BETTER! It fit on that tiny front rail perfect. Decrease size of circle as skill increases. Recommend pairing it with boresight laser for initial zeroing. Just a hair narrower than the frame. I have one square and three of these and they are all holding zero.

Overall Score

(3 Points)

Special Features

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