October 16, 2021

Top 2 Best XYHlaser Airsoft Gun Lasers

Editor's Choice - Our Favorite XYHlaser Airsoft Gun Laser

1. XYHlaser XYHlaser Airsoft Gun Laser

Editor's Impressions

"I zeroed it to my scope."

But rather as part of a home made AIMING device for parking my car in my garage. Bought a second one for same purpose. If ya need help, just leave a comment. Once installed, adjusting the sight is just as easy. Tomorrow i'll fine tune the accuracy for a better pattern. I do a lot with guns and bows, but I feel this would be easy for everyone. I've made a neat little bracket with a mount for the laser sight.

Overall Score

(30 Points)

Special Features

Peoples Choice - Other Highly Rated XYHlaser Airsoft Gun Lasers

2. XYHlaser XYHlaser Airsoft Gun Laser

Editor's Impressions

"A+ customer service."

This would have never held up to a 556. I have one square and three of these and they are all holding zero. No more worry about a scraped fender. One for my son and another for a fellow avid hunter. I had hoped to mount this on a ar pistol but it didn't happen. Not to mention that it no longer fit in my holster. I liked mine so much after shooting so well, I bought 2 more.

Overall Score

(5 Points)

Special Features

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