November 29, 2021

Top 2 Best Accu-Shot Airsoft Gun Scope Mounts

Editor's Choice - Our Favorite Accu-Shot Airsoft Gun Scope Mount

1. Accu-Shot RGWM-30M4 Accu-Shot Airsoft Gun Scope Mount

Editor's Impressions

"Either way works."

I am buying the slightly upgraded 6 screw UTG mounts for my Nikon 4-12x40 BDC. Around because it's the first thing to do to any AXIS rifle. I put them on my Rossi RS22 with my Cvlife 4-16 40mm scope. The scope has held zero every time it has been put on the rail. I recommended it to a couple of friends, and they are every bit as satisfied as I am. As a general small optic mount, 4 stars. For normal, everyday plinking, shooting, and hunting, this mount is plenty durable.

Overall Score

(342 Points)

Special Features

Peoples Choice - Other Highly Rated Accu-Shot Airsoft Gun Scope Mounts

2. Accu-Shot RGPM-30M4 Accu-Shot Airsoft Gun Scope Mount

Editor's Impressions

"Works fine now."

While it is not elegant looking, it is extremely functional. The build quality is what you'd expect from Leupold, excellent. Overall they're well worth the money you pay and they have met my expectations. Was skeptical of price with how cheap it was compared to more notable brands. I'm using these to mount a Nikon scope on a Glenfield Marlin 22 model 60. Come along but the need for a rail like this will always be there. These rings are great for the price you pay.

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