October 15, 2021

Top 2 Best EOTECH Airsoft Gun Sights

Editor's Choice - Our Favorite EOTECH Airsoft Gun Sight

1. EOTECH EOTECH Airsoft Gun Sight

Editor's Impressions

"Great purchase."

Has a small ball built in at the base, that clicks when fully extended up. A cleaning lens cloth and instruction manual. I have used and mounted this optic on two different firearms for testing. If you are just looking for a pair of sights for a knock around gun or a truck gun. The brightness levels are easy to adjust and see, even on the brightest days. They were 45-degree offset BUIS that weren't made by Feyachi. Indexes perfectly with my pre-installed A2 gasblock sight.

Overall Score

(360 Points)

Special Features

Peoples Choice - Other Highly Rated EOTECH Airsoft Gun Sights

2. EOTECH EOTECH Airsoft Gun Sight

Editor's Impressions

"Shipping was 2 days."

The apertures are almost invisible, kind of ghostly in your sight picture. I did try different batteries but that ultimately didn't help. Pretty nice anodization, and little to no slack or movement in the sight. Overspills happen and sometimes that stuff gets on the underside of the sight. Looked like it got damaged in shipment. Shipped with 2 batteries, and the battery life seems better than on comparable units. These are about the best bang for your buck when you're starting out.

Overall Score

(123 Points)

Special Features

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