January 28, 2023

Top 2 Best BARNETT Archery Bowstrings

Editor's Choice - Our Favorite BARNETT Archery Bowstring

1. BARNETT BARNETT Archery Bowstring

Editor's Impressions

"SAS makes great products!"

Bear Kodiak Magnum, Bear Grizzly, or any of the older Bear bows. It shoots just fine and has no frays thus far. Soft wax that is easy to apply on the string and serving area. I accidently ordered the wrong size. String is well constructed, and clearly provides for adjustment as th bow is used. My strings have measured out to the specs listed. The strings seem to be very well made.

Overall Score

(12 Points)

Special Features

Peoples Choice - Other Highly Rated BARNETT Archery Bowstrings

2. BARNETT 16198 BARNETT Archery Bowstring

Editor's Impressions


I'd strongly recommend this vendor for good products and great post-sale services. If I could actually just drop a deer with my bow that'd be great. FYI keep it in the fridge as heat turns it into a glob. Once you have tension the stringer will stay on its own, it's amazing. I've used others that seem like they will wear out based on their design. Do not second guess, use and improve each shot with consistency. It hold well and is really sturdy only issue would be the premade loops at the end.

Overall Score

(8 Points)

Special Features

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