December 2, 2020

Top 2 Best Bowmar Archery Equipment

Editor's Choice - Our Favorite Bowmar Archery Equipmen

1. Bowmar Bowmar Archery Equipmen

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Features

Editor's Impressions

"125 inches in height."

It was tired and ratty at that point but it worked. Good value and attractive on my shotgun. He said it fit perfect and he is out target shooting every evening. I was able to pull fairly consistent numbers on my guns. Major improvement over a kisser button. I did put it on the pattern board and it looks great, tight and even distribution. I like the nose button, it took a little getting use to as an anchor point.

Overall Score

(369 Points)

Special Features

Peoples Choice - Other Highly Rated Bowmar Archery Equipment

2. Bowmar Bowmar Archery Equipmen

Editor's Impressions

"Fits my 1187 perfectly."

I take the measurement several times and get a pretty good average weight. I ordered them and they were in my gun within two days! I'll update my review if it doesn't. So, they are impractical for checking many double-action triggers. I had one served in and it held the best. So, if you are bragging about a 3 pound trigger. Be consistent with your method and alignments and consistent readings will result.

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Special Features

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