December 6, 2020

Top 4 Best LightingU Archery Equipment

Editor's Choice - Our Favorite LightingU Archery Equipmen

1. LightingU LightingU Archery Equipmen

Editor's Impressions

"Never had a failure."

The blood trail was also the largest I have ever seen. Also, the size of the broadhead when it opens is impressive. I had 2 collars break putting my arrow back into the quiver after hunts. They are almost identical to my broadheads that cost 6x as much. They immediately responded and offered to send a new one. Never had a deer run more the 80 yards even with a slightly bad placed shot. I had a bit of an issue getting these together.

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(187 Points)

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Peoples Choice - Other Highly Rated LightingU Archery Equipment

2. LightingU LightingU Archery Equipmen

Editor's Impressions

"I will buy again."

Will continue to buy them as long as I'm hunting. But they are better than no lights at all. I am buying 6 more so that I will have a dozen. I've never had one fail to light up when I shot it either. I am hoping it was just a random lemon, but time will tell how these knocks hold up. First and foremost let me say these are some of the best nocks I've ever used. These are good Nocks, weghing in at approx 15 grains.

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(38 Points)

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3. LightingU LightingU Archery Equipmen

Editor's Impressions

"Some rock Star nocks!"

Shot a buck at 27 yards, double lunged him. I was skeptical about these but so far they worked great. They withstand the punishing 370fps his bow puts out. Installation was easy and painless. At roughly 200 hours of run time, my nick is still burning. I saw a couple other reviews where the nock broke. Boy what a confidence booster they were.

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(28 Points)

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4. LightingU LightingU Archery Equipmen

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