October 15, 2021

AmeriGlo Airsoft Gun Sight Review

AmeriGlo First Impressions

"Great buy for the money."

I zeroed them out with my laser bore sight. It is nicely machined and assembled. Time will tell, but for the price I'm a happy camper. You can't hold it to the same standard as you might a much more expensive unit. That's the part that functions as the cross-bar for the rail slot and bears stress. - White center windage mark is on the large aperture only. I can't say enough good things about their customer service in handling my issue.

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AmeriGlo Final Thoughts

"Thanks Feyachi!"

When properly mounted, the sights feel solid and tight, without any wobble. Then, you don't need a high dollar tool, unless spending money is your primary hobby. For what it cost I could not ask for anything better looking and performing. Locktite Red breaks loose only after substantial heat is applied. I am very impressed by these sights. They also didn't require me to send the not so great sight back to them. I did try different batteries but that ultimately didn't help.

Overall Score

(130 Points)
  • AmeriGlo Features & Specs
  • The night sights designed for comfortable use in low-light conditions and compatible with Glock 42 and Glock 43

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