January 28, 2023

CenterPoint Archery Crossbow Review

CenterPoint First Impressions

"The Boss 405 is the BOSS."

Out of the box I had this together in 15 minutes. Here is my best attempt to help out. This has more to do with the screw on discharge heads one can buy. Probably wouldn't have to even sharpen the blades, though I will. I'm not joking I was pretty much depressed over losing these deer. The deer was already on its way running full speed just as the arrow exited. This has more to do with the screw on discharge heads one can buy.

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CenterPoint Final Thoughts

"This is a great lil bow."

I sighted mine in at 25 yards and the second line was spot on at 40 yards. Both were using the Rage crossbow Broadheads. The one that comes with it seems short, but is great. I probably need a little practice as well. I really like the quick ajust stock. I love everything about this bow except for the stock. It is powerful, accurate, well-made.

Overall Score

(35 Points)
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