October 19, 2021

jiexi fashion Archery Nock Review

jiexi fashion First Impressions

"Good for the value."

Function and fit was good, but that does me no good if they dont light. These are good Nocks, weghing in at approx 15 grains. It's neat to see the trajectory of your arrow on it's way to the target. I was skeptical about these but so far they worked great. I inserted the nocks into my arrows in a matter of minutes. It's pretty solid contact with the string. I did have one turn on when I nocked the arrow to my string.

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  • Value For Money
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jiexi fashion Final Thoughts

"Cannot repair it."

My son orderd the green ones they were all good. Great purchase, red and green is easyier to find, have purchased more than once. They are also very easy to switch off after you've fired them. That doesn't happen to me now, but I have used them a bunch now. The brightest are the green ones, followed by the red ones. I had put two of my six nocks on my arrows and put them to the practice test. I orderd red one was extremely dim, one about half, the third was good.

Overall Score

(15 Points)
  • jiexi fashion Features & Specs
  • bow string activated on-off switch
  • High-Visibility LED,can be lighted about 48 hours
  • fits for crossbow bolt size 0.297"-0.302"(7.6mm) ID
  • 30 grains total weight, half moon shape nocks
  • Package: 6 pieces per pack

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