October 16, 2021

LaserLyte LT-PRE Airsoft Gun Laser Review

LaserLyte LT-PRE First Impressions

"It looks smooth."

I attached it to my Taurus pt111 G2 and the fitment was perfect. Even then, I would question the usefulness of a laser sight in the daytime. Also the laser seemed to hold also. Maybe why you might try the purple thread lock. There is a small screw for windage and another for elevation. I found it a great money saver and training aid. I liked mine so much after shooting so well, I bought 2 more.

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LaserLyte LT-PRE Final Thoughts

"7 V 16340."

It came in great packaging, and came with the two types of batteries you need. Recommend pairing it with boresight laser for initial zeroing. But Jake's team puts a little lock tite on the threads of those tiny screws. Used as a training aid for trigger control. Once I got it on the paper it was making good patterns within 3 shots. But rather as part of a home made AIMING device for parking my car in my garage. No fault of the laser, but the design of the rail on the bottom of the gun.

Overall Score

(191 Points)
  • LaserLyte LT-PRE Features & Specs
  • GUARANTEED: This product is covered by a 3-Year Limited Warranty. For questions or warranty contact us at [email protected]
  • J FRAME REVOLVERS snub nose work great with this laser system 38 special caliber the red laser dot is also adjustable once mounted in the barrel use the tools to move the dot for the best laser shooting training for dry fire practice
  • SAVE TIME and money train at home no need to go to the range all the time when you can be at home on your own indoor range NO NOISE traffic or expensive ammo to burn up just the sound of clicks and the laser dot change batteries in 3000 shots
  • TRAIN INDOORS on or off your favorite couch with air conditioning works with all LaserLyte targets practice trigger control sight alignment improve your skills or teach a kid or new shooter safe shooting skills fire the laser for instant feedback
  • BRIGHTEST AND MOST POWERFUL laser we are legally allowed to produce. The bright laser dot can be seen over 100 yards away at night. Power Output: 630 - 670nm, <5mW, Class: IIIa
  • Fires laser dot for 1/10 of a second
  • fits calibers .380ACP to .45ACP
  • quick tool free caliber adjustment

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