October 19, 2021

Letszhu Archery Nock Review

Letszhu First Impressions

"Works as described."

I have been shooting Nockturnal nocks for over a year now. With time there quality should improve. If you cant take returns then you shouldnt be selling them. Same style and function you'll find in a nocturnal knock. I would just have to guess that they were wrong for their arrows or something. You don't need a lot of force, just enough to get it back into position. I will update my review if any break.

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Letszhu Final Thoughts

"Works well."

The issue I had was the light turning on when nocking the arrow on my string. I knew I hit that buck but I couldn't find a drop of blood. It's neat to see the trajectory of your arrow on it's way to the target. A few clicks of the windage knob took care of it. I haven't had to pull one out yet, but I'm guessing that it won't be easy. I didn't need to use any bow string wax on the nock prior to inserting them. It's pretty solid contact with the string.

Overall Score

(58 Points)
  • Letszhu Features & Specs
  • Plastic material used on ID 6.20mm carbon arrows, aluminum arrows,wrap shaft
  • Full Nocks Length: 32mm (Outside part 20mm, Inserted part 12mm)
  • Easy to install, necessary to DIY arrows and replace your arrow tails
  • Press fit nock with smooth throat, compatible with compound and recurve bows
  • 25 Pack and provide multi-color (11 colors) for your choice, so archers can use in quality in quantity

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