January 25, 2021

Linkboy Archery Archery Hunting Arrow Review

Linkboy Archery First Impressions

"I am not thy mother."

But because these are such an excellent value, I just ordered my second dozen. Consider these a stepping stone on your journey to becoming a better archer. I just now after 3 months of shooting these arrows break. Will buy more in the future when the time comes I need more! No tip sockets were loose as some reported and no nocks were loose either. Bought these arrows a month ago and have used them almost every day. Relatively inexpensive and descent quality for a beginner.

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Linkboy Archery Final Thoughts

"Seem durable."

Okay, so I am not an experience bow hunter by any means. Got these for my husband and he was so excited. Great arrow, but like many others have said, the fleshing is red and lime green. I lost a few points that got stuck inside targets before gluing them on. Unfortunately I broke one arrow but I cant be disappointed with the way they shoot. Unfortunately I broke one arrow but I cant be disappointed with the way they shoot. Being a noob, I can only compare with my short, three week experience.

Overall Score

(31 Points)
  • Linkboy Archery Features & Specs
  • 8-32 International standard thread,suit for ID6.2mm OD7.2-7.6mm Shaft
  • Material:high quality aluminum,Pack include 12PCS Insert
  • 54.4 Grain(3.5g) each set one insert and one screw
  • Repair the broken arrows easily,saving more money and get much fun.easy to link two pieces arrow shafts
  • Make take-down arrows through insert.it is convenient to carry

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