October 19, 2021

Pine Ridge Archery 2725-BK-P Archery Bowstring Review

Pine Ridge Archery 2725-BK-P First Impressions

"I need 4, I got 2 usable."

Great customer service by Barnett, despite the unusual question. No wasteful packaging materials or oversized box. Then just clamp the pliers on the tails& roll'em till the bump pops through. This stuff works great on a hemeroieded balloon knot! This is much better than those stringers that are themselves strings. Not that big a deal but it did bug me. Does as expected making stringing my Olympic very easy.

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  • Build Quality
  • Value For Money
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Pine Ridge Archery 2725-BK-P Final Thoughts

"Ould purchase again."

Certainly easier than fiddling with the cord type stringers. I actually bought 2, one for my recurve bow and one for my son's long bow. Keshes does it right and they have my business for as long as I build bows! That was the reason for a four-star review instead of a five-star review. Certainly easier than fiddling with the cord type stringers. Wrap the silencer around the string. Simple to install and out to the range.

Overall Score

(327 Points)
  • Pine Ridge Archery 2725-BK-P Features & Specs
  • Reduce noise and vibration on your bow's string and cables
  • No bow press needed, simply wraps around itself
  • 14 Grains each
  • Made in USA
  • Works on crossbows or vertical compound bows

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