January 28, 2023

RAGE Archery Broadhead Review

RAGE First Impressions

"Thanks and happy hunting!"

They aren't super sharp out of the pack but they do the trick. Overall, I am happy with these expendables. I found the practice broadheads and real broadheads shoot exactly the same. Ive always loved Rag but I've always felt there was room for improvement. They immediately responded and offered to send a new one. It appears like I can clean it up, add a new collar and put it back in my quiver. They were packed in a clear plastic clamshell and unbranded.

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RAGE Final Thoughts

"Very durable looking."

Anyway, I'd highly recommend these broadheads. Penetration is extraordinary with my setup. I would recommend picking up a broadhead wrench for a couple bucks. I used this to drop a doe at 42 yards. They are cheap but fly plenty straight enough to be effective and do the job! Its bright red color makes it easy to find in your backpack. I sued them on my bolts for my Barnett crossbow.

Overall Score

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  • RAGE Features & Specs
  • PRECISION - Rage broadheads are known for their accuracy and their wound channels are legendary
  • Titanium Streamlined Ferrule - PROMOTES AERODYNAMIC FLIGHT, massive leading edge blade, razor sharp .039" stainless steel blades, 2" cutting diameter, and 100 grain broadhead
  • Super swept back blade design REDUCES FRICTION which INCREASES PENETRATION. Ideal for larger game animals or for lower poundage bow setups needing maximum penetration
  • Trypan-specific Polymer Shock Collar provides SUPERIOR BLADE RETENTION AND DEPLOYMENT
  • 3-Pack, Made in the USA

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