January 28, 2023

RAGE R38100 Archery Broadhead Review

RAGE R38100 First Impressions

"These things did great!"

I was four for four with the Trypan this past deer season. Small and simple case for my Rage mechanical broadheads is what I was looking for. Broadband held up and would likely be reusable. I just shot this set tonight and once again the flight couldn't be any more true. No need to change to any other brand. Dang these things have a freaking killer design. Prevents accidental opening of the blades much better than the o-ring.

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RAGE R38100 Final Thoughts

"Delivered first."

I have taken two deer with these broadheads. They are almost identical to my broadheads that cost 6x as much. They came in a hard plastic carrier that is an added bonus. HOWEVER, at 30 yards I could make 5 inch groups, a great Broadhead for a beginner! I store the Rage crossbowX 2in blade broadheads in mine. I shot my first hog with the Trypan and was very pleased! All in all, I am dang impressed and want more.

Overall Score

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  • RAGE R38100 Features & Specs
  • PRECISION - Rage broadheads are known for their pinpoint accuracy, extreme penetration, and their wound channels are legendary
  • SUPERIOR AERODYNAMICS – This broadhead sports a machined stainless steel ferrule for superior aerodynamics
  • PINPOINT ACCURACY - The Hybrid Hypodermic tip design of this broadhead gives you the pinpoint accuracy of a leading edge design with the added penetration of a chisel tip
  • BLADE RETENTION - The no collar blade retention system ensures the blades will not deploy prematurely in your quiver or on the brush making these the perfect broadhead for spot and stalk hunting
  • FEATURES – 2-Blade, 100 Grain Broadhead with Hybrid Hypodermic Tip. .035” Blades with 2” cutting diameter. Recommended Practice Head: Hypodermic 100 grain Practice Head (SKU: R39109) - 3 Pack

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